“Deborah was instrumental in giving me the confidence to give a speech to a large audience – something I had never done before. She gave advice on pace, line structure and word emphasis as well as general tips in addressing an audience including eye contact and gestures. I genuinely feel that without Deborah ‘s encouragement and patience I would not have been able to give the speech that I did”

– Sue

“I was suffering from trichotillomania (hair-pulling) for a number of years and lacking in confidence. Even after my first session my symptoms reduced; I became more aware of when I was doing it and more able to cope. I’m more confident and have started to do things I’ve wanted to do for years…including loosing weight and exercising!”

– Female Client

“I came to see Deborah for extreme blushing which was becoming a problem in both my working and private life. I was soon to be married and was concerned as to how I was going to deal with all the attention……after a few sessions I felt more able to cope and was more in control. Thank-you”

– Male Client 

“Smoking twenty to thirty cigarettes a day wasn’t helping my health or pocket. Everything else in my life felt under control but I knew I had to get rid of this habit with help. I found it. I haven’t smoked again for five months.”

– Nurse

 “I was experiencing panic attacks and extremes of emotion which weren’t helping my wife and our kids… Deborah’s help gave me back a sense of control and helped me to find ways in which I could calm down….”

– Male Client