One of my recent clients was giving a speech for the first time in front of a large and rather formal audience. The speech held certain requirements and could easily have become just another regulatory speech.

So we worked on the written speech itself, honing it and clarifying it in places and altering it so that it was delivered with more ease and conveyed her naturally engaging warmth and personality. We worked on how she addressed her audience, eye contact, breathing, and vocal pitch as well. A few days after the speech she sent me lovely note:

“Deborah was instrumental in giving me the confidence to give a speech to a large audience – something I had never done before. She gave advice on pace, line structure and word emphasis as well as general tips in addressing an audience including eye contact and gestures. I genuinely feel that without Deborah ‘s encouragement and patience I would not have been able to give the speech that I did”


Another client was preparing for a senior level interview. She is a high achiever within her company and extremely good at her work. However, she was struggling with a sense of self – esteem and the idea of having to present herself in a positive light without sounding as though she was being arrogant.

We talked about what qualities she brought to her job and her team and how she dealt with situations at work. About her companies ethos and what she was able to bring to it. By thinking through and highlighting her aptitudes as factually based, she felt more comfortable with describing herself in a more positive light with confidence, clarity and authenticity rather than feeling uncomfortable and had a greater sense of her own value.

However daunting your next performance may feel, the chances are I know what you’re going through and can help you come out smiling on the other side.

If you would like to talk through how I can help you too, please get in touch.