Helping You To Reach Your Peak Performance

In my role as a coach, I take elements from my art, my acting and my therapy skillset, and combine them to help you become the most authentic, creative and effective version of yourself – and to present and offer that experience of yourself to the world.

Many of my clients are faced with the challenge of articulating their ideas in a persuasive manner in meetings, lectures, client pitches, conference presentations, artistic performances, and many other contexts.

 Here are some of the ways I can help you design and deliver a memorable performance:

  • Writing your material
  • Rehearsing your performance
  • Building your confidence
  • Engaging your audience – whether one person or a whole crowd
  • Being authentic – so that you understand that using your natural qualities enhances how you interact
  • Developing your physical presence – posture, vocal clarity and tone

There is no script when I work with you – my job is to consider you as an individual with a particular set of circumstances and requirements, and to bring out your own natural presentation style. (Believe me, you have one!)

By drawing on the combination of my disciplines I will help and support you – to the point where you feel confident that you can sustain your own path going forward.

If you’re interested to hear what coaching would be like with me, please click here.