Who Am I To Help You?

I am an actor with 25 years experience: I have performed in the West End at the Duke of Yorks, The Wyndhams and The Vaudeville Theatres. I have performed various leading roles in amongst other plays those of Shakepeare and Oscar Wilde and have worked with some of the top directors in the industry; Michael Grandage, Jeremy Herrin and Stephen Wadsworth.

My background also involves making art, writing, Presentations, teaching and mentoring. I have qualified and worked as a Hypnotherapist and used other therapeutic and strategic approaches.

I know what its like to perform under pressure – to step out into the spotlight, in spite of nerves, in spite of whatever was going on in my life that day, knowing everything was riding on my performance. I know the fear of failure, and how to turn it into the joy of a successful performance. And I’ll be happy to do this for you.

To find out more about what coaching would be like with me, please get in touch.