About Me


Over the years, I have painted, exhibited and trod the boards on the Fringe and in the West End, devised and written character sketches, produced and directed a showcase, worked as a presenter and voice-over artist, presented and interviewed during my own hospital radio show, been a teacher for art, drama and well-being and mentored students.

Highlights include:

  • getting my place on the full time art course at Central St Martin’s, on the toss of a coin!
  • refusing to accept being dismissed by the owner of a prestigious art gallery – and persuading him to offer me an exhibition
  • performing a leading role on the West End stage at short notice, with the bare minimum of rehearsal.

I have worked as a Hypnotherapist & Brief Strategic Therapist utilising both cognitive, multi-disciplinary and NLP approaches, and now incorporate these skills into my Coaching practice.

Other work has entailed working within restaurants, retail, and for a variety of Companies from Accountancy Firms to Animation houses.

There were times when I worked as one of the lowest paid members of an organisation and then later would find myself helping to devise and write scripts whilst playing a CEO for filmed corporate projects.

Read more about my relevant experience here, and how I use my experience to help you here.